Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Epitome of Cool

While updating and fine tuning my Elvis Art blog I realized I never placed a picture of the end result.
Here it is,

The Epitome of Cool,
Pencil on Drawing paper,
ca. 29,7 x 42 cm.

I made this drawing to try out a new (for me) brand of drawing paper. I’m pleased with how it handles the graphite and will absolutely use it again.

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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Elvis on vinyl

1981 - with a part of my collection which I sold to buy a ZX Spectrum.

Late 80's - sold my collection without real reason somewhere in the 90's.

This post is not about art but it is about Elvis!
For the third time I started collecting Elvis on vinyl.
There are few things I regret, two of them are; selling my Elvis record collection in the 80's and selling my Elvis record collection in the 90's!
I limit my new collection to Singles, EP's and LP's issued during Elvis' lifetime. The fun part is finding nice items for small prices on Marktplaats, Ebay a.o.

Jumpsuits & Stagewear #106

The latest drawing in the "Jumpsuits & Stagewear" series is  
Jumpsuits & Stagewear #106, 1974 Mexican Sundial Suit.
14 x 19 cm, 2014.
Pencil and Colored pencil on Bristol board.

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Elvis in Charcoal e-book

The Elvis in Charcoal series is unusual: it’s done using charcoal and white chalk on coloured paper, which for me is a new, high-speed technique. I loved doing it. Each one is drawn in less than three hours, at the rate of one every week. As a result of all the positive reactions on Facebook (‘When’s the next one coming??’) I decided it would be a nice idea to put all the sketches together in a little book. Especially for everyone who - just like me - loves Elvis.         

Also available as e-book!
PDF file (143 MB)
This is an PDF file in high resolution, the drawings can be printed in high quality.

Click here for more information and ordering.

Elvis in a quiet moment

Something inbetween...
My biggest American fan asked if i could make a drawing for her.
The photo was very small and blurred. I did the best I could! The drawing was sold immediately!

Elvis in a quiet moment, 2014
Pencil on paper.
25 x 17,5 cm


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