A passion for Elvis
I think I was 10 years old when I heard Elvis for the first time. An uncle of mine kept singing the first three lines of Blue Suede Shoes and I really wanted to know what the song was. After he told me,
I used my pocket money to buy Elvis’ Greatest Hits LP. I just loved the songs and his voice. There weren’t many other kids of my age that shared my passion but I didn’t care. After Elvis died, even more albums and other stuff became available. That whole 50s look, his jumpsuits, his hair, his dancing, wonderful…
My obsession has never waned. Actually it’s grown, particularly after I finally got to visit Graceland in 2007.
My other passion is drawing and painting. I’ve also been doing that as long as I can remember. I would scribble and sketch for hours alone in my room. And of course, a lot of the drawings were of Elvis. Of those early works, only one painting and two drawings, which I think were from 1980, have survived, luckily saved by my mother. For a long time, I was mainly busy with digital design and I only became fanatical about drawing and painting again in 2003. I had begun to miss working with my hands. And now I create all sorts of stuff. I do a lot of commissioned  portraits and I experiment with photorealism. I like coming up with new, big projects and Elvis continues to be a source of inspiration. I’ve produced a series of paintings of Elvis, which was a lot of fun to do, and which I am also hoping to sell. The series consists of 24 small works, one from each year of his career. There’s also a project with drawings of all the jumpsuits that the great man wore throughout the years. I share a lot of this work via Facebook. It’s brought me fans and friends from every corner of the world.

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